Tips for Expats

Our Tips for Expats will keep you informed with useful tips while living in Mexico.

Where to adopt pets in Mexico City

Fortunately, nowadays there are a lot of people interested in protecting animals by creating centers in order to place them in loving homes so they have a completely different life than the one they had before being rescued. read more...

Where to buy organic products

Due to our hectic lifestyle, it is sometimes difficult to choose what to eat, since there is a wide variety of options. For example, you go to the store and find many types of milk: whole, lactose-free, for children and for the elderly. As a result, you may not know which one to pick and end up including fare in your diet that will not provide the nutrients you need. read more...

New Rules for Garbage Collection in Mexico City

As of July 8th. 2017, the City Government created a new compulsory form for garbage collection. We must separate wastes and deposit them according to the following categories:
  • Organic waste
  • Recyclable inorganic waste
  • Non-recyclable inorganic waste
  • Special collection on Sundays for bulky household
  •

    Rainy season in Mexico City

    Those of us who live in the Capital City of the Mexican Republic have great benefits because we have privileged weather, but when it rains we must take certain precautions. Mornings can be very sunny, but beware because it will probably rain heavily during the evening or at night, so make sure to carry an umbrella, raincoat, and comfortable shoes. Don't forget things can get complicated if the water level raises, so if you're walking when a heavy storm begins, go to a safe place immediately. If you are driving and get stuck in traffic here are some safety tips: . read more...

    The Expat wife

    The role of an expat wife is much more complex than people assume, even more, if she also is a mother.

    She must get involved in each aspect of the new living country, from the most important matters like, choosing the best school and education for their kids, a new place to live, meet supermarkets, the operation of public services, to the least important but still important, which is to start making new friends and if it it´s the case, learn a new language. read more...

    Blogs about Mexico

    As we know every country has its own traditions, its own culture, and undoubtedly getting to know all this from the country you are visiting, can be very amazing and at the same time gratifying. In fact, even better if somebody else, who already has the experience of living in the country, could share with you tips to improve your personal experience during your stay.

    Learning takes time and patience, especially when you move to a foreign country very different from your home country, you might get lonely and generally think that there is not a person who understands what you are going through. In case you have ever felt this way before, you must know that you are not alone there are thousands of people who have been through the same, and could help you during your process of adaptation. read more...

    The Leisure Industry is an organization from Mexico´s City Government, that implements, advises and finances programs, this organization plans and performs with the only purpose of promoting tourism in our capital city.

    Thus it is a good idea to keep in touch with this information and be aware of the different options the city has to offer.

    On September 2013, a new organizational structure that allows the fund to easily perform its corresponding functions by law got on the beam. Subsequently, there is a 5-year plan that will end in 2018 and enables the following:

    1. To position Mexico City as headquarter for big events and a known receptor for congresses, exhibitions, etc.
    2. To promote Mexico City in three basic levels: local, nationwide and international.
    3. Boost strategic projects that are both innovative and creative. , read more...

    Living in a different country or city may have its unexpected situations, this is why considering to have a tenant insurance might be an excellent idea for you. Whether you rent a studio, an apartment or a house you need to protect your personal belongings as well as the people who either live with you or visit you. We would like you to prevent any type of bitter situation such as: party guests causing damage or a fire emergency, which would require you to pay a great amount of money.

    Every day, homes and apartments are broken into, people experience fires, floods, falling objects, or just happens to have a visitor who gets injured at home.

    You might think that you don´t have much of real value, but what if everything you own was stolen or destroyed, and you had to replace everything at once. read more...

    Whether you live alone or with family, in a condo or in a single home, it is vital to be cautious to prevent any disturbances or possible robbery. With some basic, but very useful tips you can make some changes and avoid unwanted situations:

    1. Always pretend that someone is at home by turning on some lights and even the radio or the television.
    2. If you are leaving on vacation, ask your neighbor to pick up your mail and make sure you lock correctly windows and doors.
    3. Your valuable objects must be secure always,

    There are all kinds of jobs in our country, sure you will be surprised with all the help we have around here and you may wonder if you need to tip everyone. Here are some typical examples:

    1. Taxis: if they see you are not from around, drivers will try to charge an extra fee which is basically a tip, keep in mind you are not obligated and it is not recommended to do so as the rates already include their service.
    2. Restaurants: waitressing usually has a very low basic income, so most of the earning comes from tips, for a good service it´s recommended to give 10% of the total bill and for an excellent service 15%.
    3. Gas station: when you need to fill the gas tank, there is no need to fill it yourself, because there are people who can help you. read more...
    Living with roomies

    If it is the first time you are sharing an apartment with someone else, here are some useful tips to consider.

    Ask for basic information. Since all the contact is primarily through a web platform, it is important that you ask questions like where your roommates work or where they are from, how old they are, etc. This may seem obvious, but some people tend to forget about it.

    When meeting your future roommates, be sure to talk about important topics that involve details you have to live on a daily basis, read more...

    What is required for my spouse to work in Mexico? If you are not Mexican you are not allowed to work in the country unless you have the appropriate documentation filled out and the government's authorization.
    • Temporary resident card.
    • Fee payment voucher.
    • Job offer that indicates the activities to be performed, workplace, amount of time and the certificate of registration of the employer

    Reading is always an entertainment for the mind, as we can learn about history or create a different world full of fantasy. To gain a little bit of culture you do not have to waste money on new books. Instead, you can visit many of the public libraries that we have in our city.

    Here are some of our recommendations:

    1. The Mexican Library inaugurated in 1946, is located in the neighborhood of Cuauhtémoc. It has over 40,000 volumes placed all over its beautiful historic building where you can also enjoy many cultural activities such as exhibitions and plays.
    1. The National Mexican Library is located inside the National University (UNAM) read more...
    Mexico is one of the largest cities in the world so it is important that you become familiar with all the current transportation services we have in order to choose the best one to get to your destination on time. The services provided are: subway, metrobus, trolley bus, microbus, RTP and taxis. Usually, 75% of Mexican people use these public means of transportation on a daily basis, but here are the ones we recommend for expats: The subway is a very fast and convenient option to get around. It has 12 lines throughout the city,  read more...