3 July, 2015
Mexican Wrestling- Lucharán a Dos de Tres Caídas sin Límite de Tiempo
3 July, 2015
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The Monarch Butterfly

Every year huge numbers of Monarch Butterflies undertake a journey of up to 4,000 kilometers from Canada and the United States to Mexico. Once in Mexico, they congregate in Michoacan and Mexico states to spend their winter hibernation at the very same trees from which their ancestors departed.

After hibernating, they will begin another migration northward. However, no single individual makes the entire round trip, it is a multi-generational migration. It is the second, third and fourth generations that return to their northern locations in the spring. How the Monarch Butterfly manages to return to the same trees over a gap of several generations is still a subject of research; the flight patterns appear to be inherited.

An extraordinary experience awaits you at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2008. Visiting the Reserves in Mexico offers an exceptional opportunity to witness a wonder of nature.