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Located on the northern part of the State of Mexico, this magical town is well known for it’s delicious food and amazing history.

How to get there?

Tepotzotlán is located at 44.2 km away from Mexico city. To get there take the highway Mexico-Queretaro and before arriving to the first tollbooth take the exit to Tepotzotlán. From Mexico City downtown, the estimated time to arrive is 36 minutes or 1 hour with traffic.

Places to go

The most well known place on Tepotzotlán is the church of San Pedro Apostol which has a beautiful facade and baroque details. It used to be a school and a Jesuit temple: nowadays it is a beautiful and impressive museum.

Food & Traditions

We recommend you visit this town on weekends so you can enjoy the local street market (tianguis). Here you will find traditional Mexican Food like chicarrón, elotes, tacos, sweeties, etc. There are also many good restaurants around the area that offer Mexican dishes. Whatever you decide, don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious ice-creams from “La Luna”. They are located close to the market and have almost any flavor you can imagine.