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Springtime: An explosion of Colours

Like cherry blossom time in Japan, jacaranda season in Mexico City is a must to experience. Walking is the best way to discover the jacaranda tree, famous for their spectacular blue/purple colours that paint streets and parks during the springtime.

Jacaranda is a sub-tropical tree native to South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina). At the beginning of the 20th century, jacarandas were introduced to Mexico by Teodoro A. Dehesa, the Governor of the state of Veracruz, who de decided to bring some seeds back home from his trip toBrazil.

Jacaranda is fast growing tree that prefers sunny environment and low humidity. Also, it has a high resistance to air pollution, thus, Mexico City is an ideal place for growing this trees. They initially bloom in late spring and can have a second blooming period in fall. After each blooming, Jacaranda trees drop their flowers, carpeting roads, sidewalks and yards.

The flowers range from vivid lilac-blue to purple, grow in fragrant clusters and have trumpet shape. The bent or arching trunks are covered with light grey bark and the branches have a tendency to grow at narrow angles to the trunk. Jacaranda trees range in size from 2 to 30 m.

These beautiful trees are seen all over town, but here are some suggestions for enjoying the best of them in Mexico City: The surrounding areas of the Secretaría de Gobernación, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Centro Universitario de México, Museo Nacional de Antropología and Biblioteca Nacional de México (Ciudad Universitaria).

The most dramatic display of jacarandas can be also found around Lomas de Chapultepec, Plaza de los Arcángeles (San Ángel), Parque España and Parque México (Condesa). The following streets will be painted soon with vibrant colours: Concepción Beistegui and Insurgentes (Colonias del Valle y Narvarte), Veracruz (Condesa y Roma Norte), Horacio (Polanco), Enrico Martínez (Centro) and Riobamba (Colonia Lindavista).

Jacaranda trees create a breath-taking experience, enjoy the colours of Mexico City this spring!

Article by Con Acento Latino – Spanish language and Latin culture.

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