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Do you want to join our network of providers and sponsors?
Our commitment to customer satisfaction forces us to constantly adapt and evolve in order to deliver smart and flexible Relocation solutions that suit both the employer and the transferee.
In order to deliver customized services of the highest quality, our customer-centric business is based on solid alliances and networks.
When you join our Supplier & Sponsor group, you participate in a network of colleagues that ease and maximize the relocation experience of expatriates in Mexico.

Laura Díaz Nutrición

Nutrition Services in CDMX.

Our main objective is to change alimentary habits, decrease the levels of overweight and improve quality of life for our clients.
By doing a first appointment, we will do our first assessment and give you advice on what you can do to improve your habits and start with a healthier life.
We even have a Business Program with dynamics, tools, tips for where to eat and/or exercise and feed plans for you and your coworkers if you are interested in involving your office.

You can contact Laura Díaz a for more information at:


Instagram laudiaznutri


Tel:+52 55 85 37 43 23

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SWIMKIDS is a new swimming school in San Luis Potosi for babies, children and adults with a teaching program that accompanies the student at his own pace to feel comfortable and safe in the water.

Our team is formed by highly trained teachers that encourage the students in a fun and safe way, achieving the development of different aquatic skills and creating life and positive experiences. The facilities are thought to achieve the best quality and service in all our clients.

Call today and ask for a free trial class!

Facebook: swimkidsmx
Tel:+52 444 245 75 28

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At Lucky Dog we love our dogs and have a genuine passion to help them live healthier, longer lives. We produce and distribute the highest quality fresh-cooked, nutritionally balanced premium pet food in Mexico (Authorized by Sagrada, the pet food regulatory agency in Mexico).

Some of our products include:

  • Natural Nutrition (Dog food),
  • Lucky Bites (Dog treats in 6 flavors, including 5 that are Vegan),
  • PUPcakes and PAWty cakes (Healthy cupcakes),
  • and even Birthday cakes for our 4-legged kids to celebrate their “Cumpleaños” and other “Fiestas”.

You can visit our food truck in CDMX at Parque Mexico on the weekends; also we are selling in Patsy, Animalia and Petco.

For more information visit: www.luckydog.com.mx

We have Free Delivery in CDMX, but we can ship to other cities.

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Creating Adictive experiences !

Be a member of a personal, emotional and professional development workshop, Theatre Therapy.

A workshop where you begin to know yourself a lot better, gaining better control of your own emotions and impulses, likewise developing techniques to help you cope with the everyday stress.

Moreover, we will emphasize in how to work better as part of a team, how to be confident when giving a speech in front of an audience, and to state opinions and/ or ideas in a proficient way.

This workshop consists of quite a few enjoyable exercises and activities, applying acting techniques along with your own imagination and creativity.

• Fridays from 5:30pm-7:30pm at La Teatrería (Tabasco 152, floor 4 in Roma Norte).
• Tuesdays from 4-6pm at CreeSer (Av. Las flores 313 in Aguilas Pilares, close to San Angel).

For more information visit: Theatre therapy workshop

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Creating Adictive experiences !

Hot Marketing
Design Boutique
Digital Improvement
Industrial Development
Creative Lab
For more information visit: Sobredosis

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Zaga Meeting Planners

In Zaga Meeting Planners we are convinced that organizing a corporate event, besides being a tedious challenge, involves dealing with different suppliers and situations just to perform a single affair. Therefore, we offer complete solutions which solve every aspect of your event and we strive for you as an organizer to become a special attendee, while we take care of the rest.

We perform solutions for all types of corporate events, from the creation of the whole concept to the full realization of the event, obtaining as a result, the complete solution at once. We offer our services all around the globe, everything in the same place.

Let them know you come from ExpatPoint and you will get a special discount. For more information visit: Zaga Meeting Planners

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Cochinita y algo mas

Craving for some Cochinita Pibil after reading our article? We invite you to order yours with our friend at "Cochinita y algo mas". Have a taste of this delicious and traditional dish at one of the best Cochinita Pibil places in Mexico City

Did you get "El muñeco" in "La Rosca"? Cochinita y algo mas is also taking orders fot Tamales witch Cochinita Pibil stuffing, so you can impress all of your friends and guests on " Día de la Candelaria (February 2nd)"

Contact them at: ve-hernandez@hotmail.com
Let them know you come from Expatpoint and you will get a special discount.

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Club Travesias

Our main goal is for you to create and enjoy indelible experiences while you live in our city.

We would like to walk you through the journey of discovering Mexico and its capital city like a real local, revealing its deepest secrets with the guidance of true experts. This is why we have created a strategic alliance with CLUB TRAVESIAS, which offers its members access to an annual calendar of 52 new, extraordinary, surprising, and interesting experiences.

Members of CLUB TRAVESÍAS like history, architecture, design and arts. They are always willing to try new restaurants, museums or any other daring proposal. They like to meet new people, with interests in common but with diverse perspectives. We invite you to sign up at www.clubtravesias.com

For more information about upcoming events and to book your place, contact María de la Mora (mariadlm@travesiasmedia.com). Mention that you have received this invitation through ExpatPoint to get a special discount.

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Chez Thom

A traditional French patisserie with unique products that will sweeten the best moments of your life through high quality pastry, special events and cooking courses to develop your culinary talent.

Try our original and delicious products: cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, macaroons, cookies, bread and appetizers. Free delivery in Polanco area.

For more information visit: www.chezthom.com

Facebook: Thom Chef

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We are the ones who liven up your ideas in an original, creative and esthetic way. We are a team of specialized designers in the use of the best tools and resources to give a 3D and 2D source to your project.
With the skills of each one of the MDesigner members, we have formed a team that implements different techniques and strategies to pinpoint the best way to develop your idea, and make it look just as you imagined it.

Let them know you come from ExpatPoint and you will get a special discount. For more information visit: www.mdesigner.com

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