Slangs used in Monterrey, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi

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7 February, 2017
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Slangs used in Monterrey, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi

Mexico, such a beautiful and big country, holds 32 States and many assorted regions. This is why the way Mexican people express themselves verbally differs widely from region to region, beyond just the accents, just as any other country. Even within our own borders colloquial variations are too numerous to count. Therefore it is very helpful to learn some words that are different in main cities known as regionalisms.  To illustrate this point a little more thoroughly we thought it might be a good idea to draft up a few posts outlining some of the common slang terms, from three of our main cities, that you may come across in your stay with us. This might be both instructive, and good for a laugh.


  • Feria    –> Coins, change.
  • Durito    –>    Prepared pork rind.
  • Sordeado     –>   Ignored.
  • Achis    –>    Amazed
  • Pichar      –>  Invite something.
  • Voy al jale    –>   Go to work.
  • Yuqui     –>   Chipped ice of different flavors.
  • Barra     –> A lie or excuse.
  • Chopo     –>   Ice cream.
  • Peinar     –>   Gossip or betrayal.
  • Bañado     –>   Exagerate something.
  • Poner gorro    –>    Bother someone.


  • Arre     –>       Let´s do it.
  • Wey       –>     Dude.
  • Andale      –>      Hurry up!
  • Chela     –>       Beer.
  • Que padre     –>       That´s awesome/ Really good.
  • No manches     –>       No way! Or You can´t be serious.
  • Sope     –>       Dumb
  • Sale     –>       To agree or confirm.
  • Mijo     –>       Small child.
  • A poco     –>       No kidding.

San Luis Potosi

Birote     –>       Bread roll.
Pistear     –>    Drink beer.
Bolis     –>    Frozen slush.
Teco     –>    Someone doing silly things.
No marches     –>    No way.
Garcear     –>    Going with your girlfriend.
Aljibe     –>    Water deposit.
Mas omenillos     –>    More or less.


Now you´ll be up to speed with some of the most common slang words from these three main cities. So if someone wants to joke around or you just want to catch up with a specific conversation it will be a lot easier. Remember that in order to learn any language, repetition and consistency are the basic principles to become a master.  What is more important is to try talking and getting to know the local culture by spending some time with the resident people.