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3 July, 2015
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3 July, 2015
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San Miguel de Allende

Recently named one of the Top Ten Destinations in the World by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, and selected as one of the Five Best Places in the World to Visit by the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine, San Miguel de Allende is the most charming and safest city within Mexico.

While keeping one foot firmly planted in its rich past, San Miguel de Allende possesses many elements which make it a true cosmopolitan city: an extremely active art scene, fabulous shopping, excellent restaurants specialized in many different types of cuisine, world class hotels and much more! All of these coexist in perfect balance with the traditional elements of Mexican culture: street vendors of regional crafts – such as pottery, exquisitely embroidered dresses, shirts and blouses,Huichol jewelry, weaved baskets, etc. – , the traditional ‘mercados’, the notorious beauty of all the architectural gems of the city (the Parroquia being the most celebrated and identifiable of them all) and the warmth of their inhabitants, who are always welcoming, polite and friendly.

The fact that many foreigners have chosen San Miguel as their new home, or as a ‘home-away-from-home’, speaks highly of the advantages the city has to offer for anyone who wishes to live in a different place, but might be worried about losing some of the privileges they had back home: a vast majority of the local businesses have bilingual staff, there are also services where you can receive mail from abroad, and it is within a short drive of many of the most important cities in Mexico, such as Mexico City, Querétaro, León or Guadalajara.

People say that San Miguel de Allende’s vibrant atmosphere and charming allure is due to the fact that the town rests atop an immense natural deposit of quartz. Whether that is true or not, the point is that San Miguel’s appeal to both Mexicans and foreigners cannot be argued, and there is, indeed, some sort of ‘magic’ about it.

Visit San Miguel de Allende: you will fall in love with its relaxed, unique and magical personality – as many have before.

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