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14 July, 2017
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Pueblos Magicos

People from abroad and natives may ask themselves “how can a town somewhere within our country may be considered magical?” Well, that is because the Tourism branch of government gives this title to the different towns that “…through time and before modernity, had retained their value and cultural heritage”.  

Definitely, many communities would like to be qualified as Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town), considering that as soon as they are considered to be one of them, they get additional resources to refurbish the appearance, keep their streets clean as well as maintenance for their monuments –considered heritage for humanity– in addition to the profit the town would get from visiting tourists.

Mexico has always been popular among tourists for its beautiful beaches, so in order to promote other regions of the country which were not frequented as much, the Government decided that it was preferable to let people know about the many attractions our country has to offer, both, natural and cultural without leaving aside the exquisite dishes of traditional cuisine.

The Mexican Republic has more than 100 Magical Towns, including some that are considered by UNESCO as World Heritage. To obtain this worldwide distinction, each town had to meet a number of requirements which include; contribution to humanity of a universal value from historical, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological points of view. Of course, as soon as they get this recognition, the Government undertakes to preserve and protect the cultural richness, which is owned by the region, and if necessary, there is an economic benefit provided by the Institution in order to avoid the deterioration and even losing assets from the town because of a short budget.

Mexico is a country full of great history, which makes us occupy a worthy place worldwide, so how about visiting some Magical Towns during Summer vacations?