Mexican urban tribes: Mirreyes, Godinez and Chavorucos

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Mexican urban tribes: Mirreyes, Godinez and Chavorucos

Nowadays, is very common to identify a social group or urban tribe, and one that has boomed in Mexico is the “Mirreyes” (former known as “Juniors”). The term refers to men from 15 to 30 years who like to show off, wear unbuttoned shirts, drink champagne, dress in designer clothes and post their whole lives in social media. They are mostly kids with wealthy parents. The females that hang out with them are called “Lobukis”.

“Godinez” are workers and corporate employees that typically meet a schedule from 9 to 6, Monday through Friday and usually wear suits. Both men and women are called like this, although sometimes females are referred to as “Godinette” or “Lady Godinez”.

Among some of the characteristics of this urban tribe are the following: they are those who receive a fortnight, have one or more heads, have a fixed schedule, have their own company e-mail account, bring their homemade meal to work in a lunchbox, collect money for the batch and still wear their badges even out of the office.

But, why are they called like this? It all started when “El Chavo del Ocho” (a very famous Mexican sitcom) introduced a character named “Godinez”, who was known for dodging questions and responsibilities, making the least effort and working as little as possible.

“Chavoruco” is an adult with the soul and hype of a teenager. They are still stuck in a wonderful time in their lives: their youth.  This group is formed by people usually between 35 and 45 years old who dress casual since they hate suits, love to party at clubs every weekend, date much younger people, get offended if referred to as “Mr.” or “Mrs.”, don´t have a steady job and lie about their age.