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Mexican Furniture Styles

Sometimes, you may notice when visiting friends or colleagues in Mexico, that it is common that plenty of times their houses are furnished with a rustic style. People often confuse this kind of furniture with old pieces as they may look very antique, because some are Renaissance and Baroque imitation styles, but they are just reproductions.

This kind of furniture has great versatility and functionality considering that it can even be used in patios, gardens or rooftops. The rustic chairs are as valid as wooden benches, both practical to gather around a campfire. This type of pieces evoke a natural environment, offer relaxation and joyful evenings without mentioning its unique aesthetics.

The materials used for their elaboration are usually cedar and pine.

Those who choose this decoration usually apply it throughout the house: from the living room to kitchen and even the bedrooms.

Here are some sites where you can find rustic furniture (Mexican style) in Mexico City:

  • Department Stores: The cost will be much higher, but also the quality and guarantee they offer.
  • Supermarkets: Although the price may be lower, so is the quality of their pieces, but guarantee is included.
  • FURU: Handmade furniture.
  • Muebles Rústicos El Rancho (Rustic Furniture The Ranch): with different designs made out of wood.
  • Muebles AGM Antigua Galería del Mueble  (AGM Furniture Antique Furniture Gallery): with classic and sober designs.
  • Downtown: where you can find different shops specialized in the manufacture of this type of property.
  • Palacio del Mueble (Furniture Palace): it´s been here since 1960 and is dedicated to the sale of all type of furniture.
  • Rústicos y P. Rattan: as its name says, the store only sells rustic pieces.
  • D´Europe: With affordable prices and variety of designs.

A carpenter: you can ask someone who makes wooden furniture for a living to design all the pieces for your house, but the price may be higher, since its tailor made.