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14 January, 2019
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Mexican famous writers

Mexico offers the world not only great cuisine and great travelling, but also top-quality artists such as writers who have made an impact around the world with their literary works and have won multiple awards as well. Some of these Mexican exponents are:

Juan Rulfo: His books “Pedro Páramo” and “El Llano en Llamas” (The Plain in Flames) have been translated into many languages and are studied in literature classes around the world.

Octavio Paz: This author was essayist, narrator, translator, poet and won Nobel Literature Prize in 1990. Among his most outstanding works are “Luna Silvestre” (Wild Moon) and “Poemas” (Poems).

Carlos Fuentes: He was one of the members of the famous Latin American Boom and one of the most relevant figures in Latin American literature. He also founded the Mexican Magazine of Literature. Among his works are “Los Días Enmascarados” (Masked Days), “La Región más Transparente” (The Most Transparent Region).

Rosario Castellanos: Her books are a walk-through women history in México. Her outstanding pieces are “Lección de Cocina: Cocinar, Callarse y Obedecer al Marido” (Cooking Lesson: Cook, Shut Up and Obey your Husband) and “El Eterno Femenino” (Eternal Feminine).

Mariano Azuela: He was the greatest exponent of the Revolutionary novel.  “Los de Abajo” (The Underdogs), is based on real testimonies.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: Called “Tenth Mexican Muse“, was also a poet and wrote many plays. One of her most outstanding works is “Amor es más Laberinto” (Love Is more Labyrinth).

Laura Esquivel: She writes plays, screenplays, stories and novels. Her piece “Como Agua para Chocolate” (As Water for Chocolate) has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Jorge Volpi: Current director of Festival Internacional Cervantino. His work is always preceded by a thorough investigation of the subject he is writing about. His book “En Busca de Klingsor” (In search of Klingsor) is an example of this.

Juan Villoro: Perhaps, the most multifaceted of current Mexican writers: He makes chronicles, stories, literary journalism, essays, reviews, novels as well as children books. One of his most known books is “El Testigo” (The Witness).