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Mexican Chocolate

This exquisite ingredient is consumed all around the world and here in our country is key to our history as our Ancient indigenous people used it as a sacred beverage related to rituals dedicated to their gods or as payment and trade among them.

Many investigations point out that chocolate originated in Mexico, since the seed known as cacao was first cultivated by Olmecas who later extended their knowledge to other civilizations like Aztecs and Mayas.

This plant was so important to them that when Spanish conquerors arrived, it was given to them as a gift. The original xocolatl was a beverage made with water, cacao paste, spices and herbs which made it very strong flavored and with many stimulants for the body. Later on, the conquerors added some sugar and even milk to make it sweeter. The first one of them to try it was Christopher Columbus, and it was later taken to Spain where only the high-class society could enjoy this appetizing yet exotic treat.

Besides being so tasty, chocolate has many great benefits for our health like providing magnesium which translates in a big amount of energy to carry on with a busy day, it is full of antioxidants that prevent premature aging, it reduces bad cholesterol and increases the good one, it also avoids cardiovascular incidents as it diminishes blood pressure and it is rich in iron.

To obtain its benefits it is recommended to consume one ounce a day, without sugar and as pure as possible (surpassing 60% of rawness). Mexico is a great cacao producer, since it has great weather that helps its growth. This ingredient is mostly fabricated in the states of Tabasco, Oaxaca and Chiapas occupying the eleventh position on worldwide production.