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Guadalupe – Reyes Marathon

Surely you have wondered what this phrase means. This term became part of the Mexican culture during the nineties as it refers to a series of festivities that take place from December 12th (The day of the Virgin of Guadalupe who is venerated by most Mexican Catholics) through to January 6th when we celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men. 

We laud a bunch of events during this period so it might be considered as a party marathon, due to its extension.  For example, from December 16th to the 24th, the “posadas” are carried out, although no longer in its traditional form, they are a good excuse to meet friends & family and to break some piñatas.

On Christmas Eve, families gather at home for late dinner and to exchange presents. According to the tradition, the usual dishes for this meal are salad, a side dish, “Romeritos” (Seep weed), turkey, roasted chicken, eggnog, etc.

During Christmas, the little ones who believe in Santa Claus get up early to enjoy the gifts they receive from him. Later in the day, everybody gathers for the “Recalentado”, which are the leftovers of the previous night.

In Mexico, Holy Innocents Day is on December 28th, and it consists in a series of pranks played on people, who take them well as they are harmless jokes.

December 31st is New Year´s Eve, its potluck is not so intimate and it can even be held at restaurants or clubs. We never miss to eat 12 grapes that represent a wish for each month of the coming year.