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Real del Monte & Prismas Basalticos

1 February, 2017 - 1 March, 2017

The State of Hidalgo is full of beautiful places like the lovely “Real del Monte” located only 12 kilometers away from its capital. This town is full of history and it was one of the most important places for silver excavation and other precious minerals.

Nowadays you can walk in its cobbled streets and enjoy the fresh air as it is surrounded by mountains. A must-enjoy are the traditional “pastes”, a meal for the miners which consists in puff pastry filled with salty or sweet stuffing like beans, potatoes, meat or pineapple. There are several stores where they’re sold so you can try many of them and decide which one you like the most.  An interesting fact is that miners used to toss away the edge of the pastes because their hands were so dirty.

If you want to know a little bit more about the mining past, do not forget to visit “Mina de Acosta Museum”, just a few miles away. This is a former mine that opened in 1727 and stopped working in 1985. Here you can take a guided tour inside to learn some more about the people that worked there and even see a lode of silver with your own eyes.

Just half an hour from there, you will discover “Prismas Basálticos”, an amazing scenery with geometrical rock formations that will leave you astonished. They are one of the 13 natural wonders of our country and they were formed millions of years ago by water erosion.

Their 30 meters of height are bathed with a calm waterfall formed by the two water damns that are nearby. You can even descend to the bottom of the basaltic rocks and walk around them. You will get a little wet but you will enjoy the experience as well. To end your day, there are many green areas where you can camp and spend some time admiring the view.

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1 February, 2017
1 March, 2017