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“Cochinita Pibil”

Mexico has exquisite food everywhere, each of our 32 states have a distinctive dish that represent them and their region. In Yucatán, its most traditional and characteristic dish is called “cochinita pibil”.

The dish is part of a cultural and gastronomic fusion between the indigenous Mayas and the Spanish conquerors. It consists in pork meat marinated with “achiote”, which is a red condiment extracted from a tree grown in Mexico and Central America commonly used in the Mayan cuisine. The meat is wrapped in banana leaves and baked in a hole built underground covered by hot stones.

It takes its name by “cochinita” that means pork in Spanish and “pibil” which is underground in the Mayan dialect. Historians assure that the state of Yucatán was the first place in Latin America where pork was tasted, and by adding several ingredients native from the region such as bitter orange, it is a crossbreed delicacy.

You can eat this spectacular meal directly from the banana leaves, just adding purple onions tanned in vinegar or some delicious yet spicy habanero sauce, from the region. You can also taste this in tacos or “tortas” filled with black beans.

During Day of the Dead called Hanal Pixan in Yucatán, the “cochinita pibil” is a dish that cannot be missed in the offerings where local people cook to their loved ones that have already left this world. A beautiful ceremony that honors our ancestors and maintains the bond between the living and nonliving. Food and drinks will always be a part or our culture, a true gift to be inherited from parents to children.

Do not miss the chance to savor a real treat for your mouth and truly taste the joy of living in Mexico with our iconic products.