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Mexican Christmas Eve Delicacies

Christmas Eve is that very special night of the year when family and friends get together and enjoy each other’s company, but it would not be a proper celebration without food. As each country has its representative traditions, we do as well. Here is a description of the typical food and drinks you may find on the table of a Mexican Christmas Eve dinner:

  • Cod fish: It is a very traditional seasonal dish that was originated in the State of Veracruz. Its cooking consists in adding ingredients from the region such as peppers, garlic, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and olives.
  • Romeritos”: They are green plants known by the Aztecs, who used to eat them regularly. They are very nutritious and easy to get. The dish has “nopales”, dried shrimp and small potatoes all covered with our delicious mole.
  • Apple salad: A very sweet option that can be an entrée or a dessert. It consists of sliced red apples mixed with sour cream, nuts, pineapple and sugar.
  • Turkey: Even though this dish is cooked worldwide, the way the stuffing is prepared in our country may vary a lot as every family puts their personal touch in its preparation, like adding prune or combined pork and beef meat.
  • Ponche”: A must have during the Holiday season, this beverage is mainly elaborated in our famous “posadas”. This tasty hot drink that can be enjoyed in a chilly weather has a great variety of fruit such as sugar cane, apple, prunes and guava. 

Do not miss the chance to try or even cook these dishes as they are delicious and they represent our culture. Nothing like the holidays to taste something new and enjoy with our loved ones.

 Tip: Have the delicious and yearned “recalentado”. This happens on Christmas day when everyone gathers together again to enjoy the leftovers.