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7 November, 2016
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“Chiles en Nogada”

This is the time of the year all Mexicans wait for. The season to taste and enjoy one of the most popular and representative dishes of our culture, our poblano peppers in walnut sauce!

When you think about Mexican food, you may have the idea that we use a lot of hot pepper in our common dishes, but this particular pepper is one of a kind, it is the most exquisite of them all, mainly because it has a variety of ingredients that represent our legacy and it is also a tradition that has been kept for many years.

There are many stories related to the origin of this Mexican dish. One of the most common says that back in 1821, a group of nuns from Puebla state decided to prepare a dish for the Emperor Agustín de Iturbide,  a delicacy that contained the colors of the Trigarante Army.  Those colors were the same as our flag: green, white and red. The  pepper itself shows the green color, white is represented by the walnut sauce and red by the pieces of pomegranate.

To enjoy “Chiles en Nogada” (as they are called) you must taste them during August and September, being the only time of the year when pomegranate and walnuts of Castilla are harvested. The dish consists in peeled poblano peppers filled with pork and beef mincemeat combined with dried and fresh fruit. They are covered with a special sauce made from freshly peeled walnuts of Castilla, milk and sugar. The real catch here is that the sauce has to be nor thick nor watery, just perfect. For a final touch, the peppers are embellished with lots of red pomegranate seeds, which give a colorful and vivid touch to the dish.

Do not miss the chance to savor a real treat for your mouth and truly taste the joy of living in Mexico with our iconic products.