expat tips

3 July, 2015

The Tree of Life

One of the most symbolic Mexican handicrafts is the Tree of Life, which comes from the municipality of Metepec (on the hill of magueys). This magical […]
3 July, 2015

One “Chela” please!

Mexican Beer has a long history. Mesoamerican cultures knew of fermented alcoholic beverages, including a corn beer and pulque, a fermented sap of the maguey. European […]
3 July, 2015

Springtime: An explosion of Colours

Like cherry blossom time in Japan, jacaranda season in Mexico City is a must to experience. Walking is the best way to discover the jacaranda tree, […]
3 July, 2015

Passion Play of Iztapalapa

The Passion Play of Iztapalapa is one of the largest and most fervent religious celebrations in the world. During Holy Week, more than two million visitors […]
3 July, 2015

For Everything Bad, Mezcal, and for Everything Good, as Well

Legend says that lightning struck a maguey, opening and cooking its center. The natives perceived the pungent aroma of the emanating nectar and fearfully drank the […]
1 September, 2017

New Rules for Garbage Collection in Mexico City

As of July 8, 2017, the City Government created a new compulsory form for garbage collection. We must separate wastes and deposit them according to the […]
24 August, 2017

Rainy season in Mexico City

Rainy season in Mexico City Those of us who live in the Capital City of the Mexican Republic have great benefits because we have privileged weather, […]
19 June, 2017

The Expat Wife

The Expat Wife The role of an expat wife is much more complex than people assume, even more, if she also is a mother. She must […]
22 May, 2017

Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund

Mixed Tourism Promotion Fund The Leisure Industry is an organization from Mexico´s City Government, that implements, advises and finances programs, this organization plans and performs with […]