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19 June, 2017
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Baluarte Bridge

This beautiful suspension bridge is located on the limits between Durango and Sinaloa on the highway that links the State Capital of Durango to Mazatlán and is considered (within its type) the highest in Latin America. This beauty was built by Mexican engineers, who faced many difficult tasks during its creation, since plotting a road that crosses Sierra Madre Occidental is a big deal, because its terrain is very challenging. For this reason, it has many really long tunnels like “El Sinaloense” which is almost three kilometers long.  

As you go through it you realize how magnificent it is, because of its concrete and steel structure that frames its fan type design, which explains why it was included within the Record Guiness Book. Its construction took several years and was inaugurated in 2012, although it was until 2013 that was finally completed. More than 1900 vehicles can pass through it since it is 16 meters long and has four lanes. This master piece has a maximum height of 169 meters.

Although it does not have a viewpoint, if you are cautious, you can park in certain stretches and take pictures of this complex work, as well of the amazing nature that this site offers. It should be noted that you will get the best views during rainy season, since everything transforms into green scenery.

The time to get from one State to another has been considerably reduced, since previously the same journey took more than six hours, and today it takes an average of three and a half hours, which is one of the reasons to make this trip. If you are in Mexico City, a good option is to fly to Durango, tour around the city, cross the bridge road to Mazatlán and stay there a few days. From there, you can fly back home.